Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been awarded the contract to install lightning protection on three existing schools for the Dudley Academies Trust.

Dudley Academies Trust is a relatively new organisation set up with the help of Dudley College of Technology to help transform education in Dudley. There are six schools within the academy; PTSG Electrical Services Ltd is providing specialist services at Pegasus Academy, The Link Academy and St James Academy.

Engineers will be installing a lightning protection system at each of the sites to safeguard the structure of buildings and protect all users in the event of an electrical storm.

PTSG has built up an extensive education portfolio, providing a range of specialist services to primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and a whole range of student accommodation. In the last few weeks, engineers carried out testing and inspections of lightning protection systems at the Universities of Reading and Northampton, followed up with remedial works. At the University of Aberdeen, engineers from PTSG Access & Safety Ltd carried out remedial works to height systems in use across the campus, encompassing 15 buildings in total.

Image: Commons Wikimedia

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