Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) Fire Solutions division has landed a contract to install sprinkler systems to a new housing development in London.

In May 2016, established landlord Grainger plc was granted permission to redevelop the former council building Apex House on the corner of Tottenham High Road. The development is due to launch in 2020 and will consist of 163 new high-quality homes. The scheme is expected to generate £1.5 million expenditure per year in local shops and services from the residents of the new homes.

The Group’s engineers are due to visit the site to install sprinkler systems as well as wet and dry risers to the interior of the building. Sprinkler systems are incredibly valuable in shared accommodation like this because they are unbeatably reliable and effective. Wet and dry risers are installed into a number of different buildings for fire-fighting purposes and are fitted onto staircases in multi-story buildings to aid firefighters in the event of a fire.

PTSG’s skilled engineers are the leading experts in fire safety solutions. The Group has recently worked on similar contracts installing sprinkler systems to a range of large housing developments around London, having recently secured a contract to provide sprinkler systems at Anthology’s Wembley Parade development.

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