Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has secured a specialist services contract with Worldpay, taking place at its headquarters in London.

The contract covers the testing of all critical and non-critical circuits, beginning this month.

Worldpay provides payment services for mail order and Internet retailers, as well as point-of-sale transactions. Customers are a mix of multinational, multichannel retailers, with the majority being small business merchants. It also provides loans to small businesses.

PTSG Electrical Services Ltd is the largest of the Group’s four divisions and electrical testing contracts account for a significant proportion of all work undertaken. PTSG’s engineers are located throughout the UK, carrying out fixed wire testing and portable appliance testing (PAT) to ensure a wide range of organisations remain compliant with the latest industry regulations.

Compliance, while being a legal necessity, brings a number of benefits aside from ensuring all electrical systems remain in a first-class operational condition. By maximising the safety of building users, the knock-on benefit is that an organisation’s reputation is protected because the likelihood of electrical faults occurring is vastly reduced. Safe, efficient businesses operate more efficiently and make financial sense.

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