Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is involved in a project for a multinational Tier 1 construction company to deliver specialist electrical services at a data centre in Manchester.

As the UK’s third-largest city, Manchester occupies a key strategic location in the centre of the country, at the intersection of the UK’s highly resilient “figure-of-eight” fibre-optic network. Currently there are 20 colocation data centres in Manchester.

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd recently commenced a significant lightning protection and earthing installation project at the data centre. An action plan was agreed for rapid mobilisation and to get the scope of works on track immediately. Step one was to carry out site visits and get the design finalised within a week.

This was achieved, with all issues addressed and full sign-off achieved, drawing strong praise form the client. PTSG’s foreman on site received the monthly safety award for his division, testament to the high standard of work.

PTSG Electrical Services Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of lightning and surge protection services and specialist earthing solutions. As a Group, PTSG operates from 41 locations nationwide and can be mobilised to any site at a moment’s notice.

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