Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) Access & Safety team has travelled to Scotland to carry out compliance tests at a Dumfries wind farm.

Skilled engineers tested a range of equipment attached to the turbines’ towers and nacelles, including fall protection systems, ladders, winches and eyebolts. These tests ensure that the equipment is all safe for use, which is especially important considering the inherent risks that come with working at height.

PTSG’s Access and Safety division works on a range of suspended access equipment including building maintenance units, cradle systems, travelling ladders and gantries, providing testing, inspection and maintenance services to ensure they are safe for use.

The team comprises some of the industry’s most experienced specialists, finding solutions to any height safety equipment problems that are tasked to them. The Group carries out work on a huge range of interesting structures, including wind farms, satellite dishes and bridges, using the expertise of its teams to find the most effective and efficient solutions.



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