Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been delivering repair work to the catenary lightning protection system in place at RAF Lakenheath. The success of its engineers on this project has secured further related work for PTSG Electrical Services Ltd.

The Royal Air Force station, located near the village of Lakenheath in Suffolk, hosts United States Air Force units and personnel. The host wing is the 48th Fighter Wing, of which the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle belongs.

The F-15 is a stunning fighter plane offering next generation technologies including an advanced cockpit, AESA radar, digital electronic warfare suite, the world’s fastest mission computer and modern sensors to remain ahead of current and evolving threats. One of the great benefits of working at RAF Lakenheath for PTSG’s engineers was being able to experience the f-15E in flight.

PTSG has vast experience in delivering multi-disciplinary specialist services within secure, operational air force bases. In the past, its engineers have worked at RAF Marham in Norfolk, delivering essential upgrades to existing lightning protection systems. The Group has built up a wide portfolio in the aviation sector, with work extending abroad. This included providing specialist support to 12 individual site assets at the construction site of Hamad International Airport (HIA), Qatar.

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