Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to provide specialist electrical services for GKN Aerospace on behalf of the building maintainer.

GKN Aerospace is a global business with facilities in 14 countries. The UK is one of six European countries where the company’s manufacturing sites are located. Filton is GKN Aerospace’s largest advanced aerostructures facility. The site specialises in the assembly of major leading and trailing edge wing sub-assemblies, as well as the manufacture of wing structural components for civil and military aircraft.

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd will install a new lightning protection system and earthing on a new plant enclosure at the site at Filton.

All of PTSG’s services make buildings, systems and equipment safer and more efficient for their users. Earthing is the creation of an alternative path for the flow of fault or excessive currents safely to ground. It is an integral part of any electrical system and essential in keeping both people and equipment safe.

Image: Commons Wikimedia

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