Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) fall arrest testing division has carried out a range of testing works for one of the UK’s most well-known luxury fashion houses, Burberry.

Established in 1856, the label is now popular across the world, and is most famous for its iconic trench coats. Its headquarters are located in London’s Horseferry House and the company has two production facilities in Great Britain, one in Castleford and one in Keighley.

PTSG’s skilled engineers have tested and certified a wide range of fall arrest equipment at the London and Castleford sites, including abseil eyebolts, ladders and handrails.

PTSG’s Access and Safety division specialises in the planned preventative and statutory testing and maintenance of all types of fall protection systems and suspended access equipment. Through organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions, the Group has grown rapidly to become the UK’s leading access and safety service provider.

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