Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is installing a range of fire and security solutions at a Student accommodation facility for Unite, located at the brand new First Way Campus in the heart of the Wembley Park regeneration area.

Wembley Park is one of London’s primary growth areas. The site is less than 200m from the national football stadium and will provide 678 student beds, academic and office space for the University College of Football Business (U.C.F.B.) which is based at the stadium. Unite common areas are situated on the ground floor.

Among the specialist services that engineers from PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd are delivering is a Baldwin Boxall Disabled Refuge System. These units are designed to provide two-way hands-free communication between the occupier of a refuge area and the person (or persons) operating the ‘control panel’. They are designed for use in an emergency when the evacuation of a building is required – such as during a fire.

PTSG’s engineers are also installing a Gent Fire Detection and Alarm System and WC systems at the student accommodation building.

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