Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has completed a project to install specialist access and safety equipment at Inchmore Salmon Hatchery in Inverness.

Marine Harvest, the world’s largest producer of Arctic salmon, contracted PTSG to carry out the work to a newly built recirculation unit at its Inchmore site. Engineers installed a PVC rooftop walkway and handrail which will allow staff at the farm to walk along the roof of the unit safely and securely when required.

The new recirculation unit produces 4.5 million smolts to meet demand, which grew dramatically as a result of a recent expansion in seawater sites, and 6.5 million parr for stocking freshwater lochs used as on-growing sites.

PTSG Access & Safety Ltd. is one of the company’s four business divisions providing a wide range of specialist but complementary building services. With 17 offices positioned throughout the UK, the Group can mobilise teams for projects of all kinds, wherever they happen to be.

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