Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has installed a lightning protection system for the Croft Gardens residential project at King’s College, Cambridge.

This will protect university students, fellows and their families in the event of lightning, which strikes the UK up to 300,000 times a year.

Working to a sustainability matrix, Croft Gardens demonstrates excellence in: health and wellbeing; landscape and nature; water, materials and waste; community and neighbourhood; and construction impacts. Residents benefit from generous gardens and communal areas, soft water-struck gault clay external bricks and handmade plain roof tiles which infer a sense of the monolithic and reference the surrounding vernacular materials.

PTSG’s Electrical Services consultants have the experience to survey any building and produce a report advising on the most effective and efficient means of protecting it from ground strikes and power surges. This service is provided both for new builds and retro-fit installations and includes expert advice when engaged at the beginning of the design process.

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Author: Dcrjsr. Shared under Creative Commons License.

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