Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) features on the cover and main article in the August 2019 edition of PFM (Premises and Facilities Management).

Electrical compliance is the subject of the article, with the focus on TraQit – the industry’s only truly interactive web-based reporting system. It was developed by Guardian Electrical Compliance Ltd. (Guardian), which was acquired by PTSG in October 2018.

Guardian spent several years developing TraQit, as a ‘free of charge service’ to ensure that records are always current, accurate, consolidated and with a version history of electrical system change functionality. In consequence, duty holders are in a defendable position, should there be a breach of the Electricity at Work Regulations (EaWR) 1989. Compliance is a legal requirement which, ultimately, protects the safety of all building users.

PTSG has become a regular fixture in PFM, with the magazine reporting on various aspects of the Group’s growing complement of specialist services. PTSG has acquired a strong reputation for its proactive approach to safety; a recent issue of PFM showed how the Group’s Health, Safety and Environment department, led by Director Terry Wilcock, is helping to create mentally literate, compassionate workplaces, where people are no longer held back by mental health issues. This is just one of the ways in which PTSG is leading the way in health and safety.

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