Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG)’s position on the UK stock exchange has been the focus of two national articles in the last week.    

The Daily Telegraph’s Richard Evans reported on PTSG’s rapid organic growth and continued strength on the stock market in Wednesday (11 April)’s ‘Questor’ column. The article featured insight from David Stevenson of Amati Global Investors, who describes the Group’s services as “non-discretionary” stating they are not “subject to sidewinds from things we can’t control.”

PTSG was also highlighted in The Small Company Sharewatch’s April newsletter, with an article from Smit Berry, who states that the Group’s most recent results “demonstrate how well placed the business is” and explains how it is benefitting from the industry’s “unprecedented demand for fire solutions” resulting in a “massively expanded order book all round.”

To read Richard Evans’ story in the Daily Telegraph click here. To read Smit Berry’s article click here.

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