Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is delivering electrical services for Leeds-based company Masternaut.

Masternaut (, a Michelin Group Company, offers a combination of vehicle tracking devices, user-friendly software and consultancy services. The company operates from a base on the east side of Leeds, which is a unique combination of a contemporary and a historical building.

PTSG has been tasked with the challenge of installing a lightning protection system that blends sympathetically with the overall aesthetic. It’s a challenge the Group’s Electrical Services division is very adept in overcoming.

In a similar project for the National Trust, PTSG installed a lightning protection system at Falkland Palace in Scotland. When engineers installed the earthing connections to ground, an archaeologist was on stand-by in case any significant artefacts were unearthed. Rather than using shovels and pickaxes, PTSG’s engineers were advised to proceed using small trowels and paintbrushes and asked to very carefully remove the top layer of soil.

The Group tries to use the same engineers for projects involving historical buildings, who have an in-depth understanding of the unique and highly specialised nature of the work.

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