Mark Davison, Director of PTSG’s Access Maintenance Division, has been voted Convenor of the European Standard Group for BS EN 1808.

The full title of the committee is CEN TC 98 (Technical Committee) WG7 (Working Group). The British standard specifies the safety requirements for suspended access equipment and is applicable to both permanent and temporary equipment which may be powered or hand operated.

It’s the latest initiative of PTSG’s proactive divisional director. In 2019, he attended the Houses of Parliament for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Working at Height meeting aimed at enhancing the reporting of accidents and incidents, allowing the industry to better target effort and resources to reduce the rate of fatalities and major injuries.

Mr Davison is also the Chair of SAEMA (Specialist Access Engineering and Maintenance Association), the national trade body responsible for gathering and sharing best practice in raising standards for the UK permanent and temporary access industry.

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