Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has secured an order to design a bespoke guardrail system for Standard Life’s head office building in Edinburgh.

The Group’s skilled Access and Safety engineers will install edge protection around the building’s windows, which are used as access points to the roof. The new system will offer complete protection for maintenance teams carrying out work on the roof, ensuring their safety before they reach the site’s existing safety equipment on the roof itself.

The system has been specifically designed to suit the site’s complex and challenging architecture, as an off-the-shelf product would have been vastly inadequate.

Standard Life operates in 45 worldwide with 6,300 employees and around 4.5 million customers. Founded in Edinburgh in 1825, the company moved to its current headquarters at Standard Life House in Edinburgh’s financial district, the Exchange, in 1996.

PTSG’s Access & Safety team designs and installs a wide range of equipment to suit a variety of buildings and building users, including mansafe systems, walkways, ladders and anchor devices. Engineers also travel across the UK every day to inspect and maintain dozens of systems like these, ensuring safety and compliance for clients at all times.

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