Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is part-way through a project to provide specialist electrical services at The East Midlands Biogas Centre.

Bio Dynamic currently converts up to 50,000 cubic metres of food waste per annum, typically including date-expired food from retail and hospitality businesses, as well as organic waste from food processing plants. All this waste, created by our modern way of living, would otherwise be sent to landfill, creating methane-a greenhouse gas which would enter the atmosphere as well as risking run off of organic material into rivers.

Instead, The East Midlands Biogas Centre benefits the local environment by making use of this waste by converting it into energy in the form of biogas and producing usable fertiliser products. The biogas is used to run our Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units. The electricity produced is currently sufficient to provide power for around 2,000 houses, and future development should power more than 6,000 homes. Quite uniquely, this facility attained planning permission without a single objection and went from demolition to commissioning in less than 10 months, typically half the time of others in this field.

PTSG is upgrading the lightning protection system to protect the site. The Group’s supply chain partners in Spain have designed additional protection systems for the biogas centre, which engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd are installing.

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