Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is demonstrating its multi-disciplinary capabilities in a project for Ardagh Group in West Scotland.

Ardagh Group is a producer of glass and metal products that has grown over the past two decades into one of the world’s largest metal and glass packaging companies. Founded in Dublin and headquartered in Luxembourg, the company has numerous offices in Europe, North America and South America. Its presence in the British Isles encompasses the Republic of Ireland, England, the west of Scotland and north-east Wales.

Engineers from PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd are currently at Ardagh’s site in Irvine, on the west coast of Scotland. After carrying out inspections to sand silos, the steel at some levels was found to be thinning.

Due to restricted access of the site – and PTSG’s complete specialist services capability – the Group was awarded the contract for the over-plating works. The scope of work includes providing specialist access to the areas that require attention, and the supply and installation of all over-plating and stiffening supports.

This project illustrates the PTSG’s strength as a provider of multiple specialist services provider. The Group operates four business divisions: PTSG Access & Safety Ltd, PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd and PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd. They each operate independently but can combine to provide a complete specialist services solution for customers, with cost-saving and streamlining advantages.

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