Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been undertaking specialist electrical testing at RAF bases in East Anglia and Suffolk.

RAF Feltwell is a Royal Air Force station in Norfolk, that is used by the United States Air Forces in Europe.

RAF Lakenheath is close to RAF Feltwell, just outside the town of Brandon. In 1940, the Air Ministry selected Lakenheath as an alternative for nearby RAF Mildenhall and used it as a decoy airfield. False lights, runways and aircraft diverted Luftwaffe attacks from Mildenhall. Lakenheath currently only hosts United States Air Force units and personnel.

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd have completed a full test and inspection of the lightning protection system in place at both bases. Such tests are statutory and highlight any remedial works that may be required to ensure they continue to function perfectly.

PTSG has a successful history of delivering specialist services within secure, operational air force bases. In the past, its engineers have worked at RAF Marham in Norfolk, delivering essential upgrades to existing lightning protection systems. The Group has built up a wide portfolio in the aviation sector, with work extending abroad. This included providing specialist support to 12 individual site assets at the construction site of Hamad International Airport (HIA), Qatar. On its way to a successful solution, PTSG overcame unique challenges presented by working in an environment foreign to many of its engineers.

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