World FM Day celebrates the importance of facilities management (FM) to the success of businesses across the world. PTSG supports FM companies across the world with its provision of niche specialist services, and is proud to be part of an industry which employs more than 25 million people worldwide and is worth more than $1.1 trillion annually.

The theme of this year’s World FM Day is ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’, and here we focus on how PTSG’s services play an integral role in enabling positive customer, client and employee experiences across a wide range of sectors.

The company is well known for its commitment to safety, and its high-quality safety testing services play a key role in allowing its clients’ employees to have positive experiences at work. 

The Group’s comprehensive tests and certificates on a wide range of access and safety equipment means that operatives working at height with this equipment are as safe as possible, allowing them to carry out their work with confidence, more efficiently and to a higher standard. 

PTSG’s strong customer focus ensures its clients always have positive experiences. The Group provides a vast range of specialist services in access and safety, electrical services, specialist building access and fire solutions. Its bundled service provision allows FM companies to procure any combination of these high-quality niche services from just one provider.

By placing its customers at the heart of its offering, PTSG enables positive experiences for its clients by making things simpler and more cost-effective than using multiple suppliers.

PTSG’s Building Access Specialists’ high-level cleaning division offers a great example of how the company enables positive experiences for its clients’ customers.

Much of the team’s work is carried out on buildings that other companies find it impossible to work on. St Paul’s City Lofts, Sheffield’s tallest building, was notoriously difficult to clean, with past attempts seeing no tangible results. 

The Group’s expert team repurposed the building’s BMU and installed new access points, allowing them to carry out the building’s first full clean in years, giving residents a clear view over the city, and a home they could be proud of. 

Facilities management is an unsung hero in many UK businesses, but it clearly plays a vital role in making the lives of employees, customers and clients safer and happier, a role that PTSG is delighted to play a part in.

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