Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is delighted to welcome Stewart King to its Fire Solutions division as National Sales Manager – Kitchen Fire Suppression.

Stewart has 26 years of valuable fire industry experience. Before becoming a sales professional, he first worked as a firefighter, before subsequently working as a service engineer.

He has been involved with Ansul for 12 years. Ansul is the world’s leading kitchen fire suppression manufacturer operating within the Johnson Control Group of companies and is renowned for its excellent research and development and commitment to only retailing fully approved products. Stewart describes Ansul as the “Hoover” brand of kitchen fire suppression, as its global share of that market is around 80%.

In his work as a sales professional, Stewart has worked with a great many leading UK restaurant, pub and hotel chains, delivering maintenance contracts and major roll-out projects. He has also worked closely with many of the UK’s ventilation, extraction, kitchen design houses and food service equipment providers and has personally sought out and signed up some major UK institutions as Ansul brand-standard users.

One compelling fact is that 75% of all businesses that suffer a kitchen fire, without having the benefit of a kitchen fire suppression system, never re-open – or they close within 18 months.

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