It was reported on 5th September 2019 that the UK government plans to reduce the building height for when sprinklers are required to be fitted from above 10 floors to above six floors. A consultation has begun on the tighter fire protection regime which will reduce the building height where sprinklers need to be fitted from the current 30m and above to 18m.

A new protection Board is also being set-up, with the Home Office and National Fire Chiefs Council to make sure building owners do not flout fire safety rules, as well as ensuring fire risks in buildings are being addressed.

The Board will act to ensure building owners keep up with latest safety advice and keep residents updated. It will also ensure that interim safety measures are in place in all buildings with unsafe aluminium composite material cladding.

Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) operates a Fire Solution division, with offices situated throughout the UK. The design, installation, service and maintenance of sprinkler systems is one important area of its business, with engineers working for clients across a broad range of industry sectors.

Following the tragic Grenfell fire in 2017, a great many building authorities demanded sprinkler systems be fitted as standard to maximise the safety of people in the event of a fire. Education is one sector, however, that needs to do more according to some industry commentators. In April this year, the BBC reported that just 15% of new schools are fitted with sprinklers.

PTSG believes that the new government height rule change is an important measure in improving fire safety. Sprinklers are proven to assist in the control of a fire in its early stages, limiting damage and giving occupants additional time to escape, as well as reducing the risks faced by firefighters attending the incident.

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