London Fire Brigade commissioner Andy Roe has warned of complex fires in “modern construction blocks”, which can make it harder for firefighters to both understand and tackle. 

Questioned during the second phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on Tuesday, Roe said that, although the brigade was seeing a slow decline in the number of fires, the fires were of a different nature. 

“We are experiencing, in the London environment, increasingly complex fires: fires involving modern methods of construction. That’s why it’s important the firefighters are skilled, and officers are skilled correctly.” 

Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is one of the UK’s leading providers of fire and security solutions. Its Fire Solutions division was created in 2017, just months ahead of the Grenfell Tower disaster, which highlighted the need for far greater safety measures such as sprinkler systems to be installed in tower buildings. 

Since then, through a series of strategic acquisitions, the division has grown to offer a wide range of solutions for clients in all industry sectors throughout the UK. As demand continues to grow, the Group remains extremely vigilant in upholding the latest industry standards of fire safety and continues to look for areas to further strengthen its services. 

The inquiry continues. 

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