Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been informed that in April 2022, the government will no longer allow BS2869 red diesel (no.2 gas oil) to be used in stationary or emergency diesel engines that are used for fire pumps or electricity generation. This means that after this date, all fuel refills will need to be made using white diesel ( DERV EN590 – taxed at the full rate). The reason for this is to ensure that businesses who are producing pollutants are taxed accordingly.

PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd is the UK’s largest provider of servicing and maintenance services for diesel-driven fire pumps and generators. These diesel engines are housed in commercial and public buildings in all sectors for emergency use.

After April 2022, the majority of those entitled by the HMRC to use red diesel will be reduced to mainly non-commercial and agricultural users. Existing fuel stocks of red diesel can be used prior to and after the cut-off date but proof must be provided that the fuel was purchased prior to April 2022.

There will be a changeover period during which red diesel in the system that was purchased prior to April 2022 must be depleted and replaced with white diesel. The advice from the government is to run the tank as low as possible and then refill with white diesel. In fire pump applications, this is not possible as the fuel tank must remain at least three-quarters full at all times to provide the duration of engine-run required to ensure full fire cover is maintained.

The government information on the reforms is available here.

If you require more information or would like a free no-obligation quotation for the draining and cleaning of your fuel tanks, please don’t hesitate to contact PTSG via our specialist fire suppression maintenance solutions providers: [email protected]

Image: HM Treasury. Shared under Creative Commons License.

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