PTSG boasts some of the most highly skilled and qualified engineers in the UK. The company’s professional development team delivers individually tailored training programmes for all staff on contracts with special requirements, to ensure they are appropriately qualified and competent in their work at all times.

Ensuring that engineers are continually enhancing their knowledge and ability enables PTSG to always provide a high-quality service, never falling behind in new processes to increase efficiency, or falling foul of regulations that aim to prevent dangerous working methods.

For clients with their own stringent health and safety procedures, it is vital that PTSG’s teams are able to work in a way that allows the client’s operations to continue as normal. For example, when working with Scottish Water, PTSG took on the client’s responsibility to provide an important service for the public. In this case, all of the engineers involved completed a full-day training course on Scottish Water’s health and safety requirements, alongside their Distribution, Operation and Maintenance Strategy (DOMS), in order to gain the necessary hygiene ID cards.

This kind of training is vital for undertaking work on these sites, as Scottish Water provides an important service for the public, and so naturally, when working with them, PTSG also carries that same responsibility to preserve the quality and hygiene of Scotland’s water.