PTSG has always sought to employ system and technology innovations to overcome challenges in our industry. PTSG Clarity, our bespoke proprietary system is already enabling us to revolutionise the service we deliver.

Our software development team built the Clarity system to improve the business’s day-to-day operations by streamlining its processes and allowing for more effective job scheduling, real-time engineer tracking across the UK, and more direct customer communication.

The system is made up of four key components: ClarityOFFICE, ClaritySALES, ClarityWORK and ClarityPORTAL. Each component is designed with the specific requirements of individual departments in mind, ensuring that everyone at PTSG, including the administrative team, business development managers and on-site engineers are all able to do their jobs more efficiently.

PTSG Clarity is a system which gives our people what they need, when they need it. The system has huge advantages in the way it can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs. For example, one customer may want a same-day invoice, another may want to receive all invoices on the last day of the month. Clarity can facilitate any such demand with ease.

The system is gradually being rolled out across all four of PTSG’s divisions, and has been tested over a year of group-wide trials. As the system becomes used more widely, PTSG is already operating more effectively, with more engineers out on location or travelling between sites at any one time, with no effect on organisation or safety. The Group’s customers are also able to enjoy the optimised channels of communication Clarity offers, with work being carried out at a quicker rate than ever before.