Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has achieved a contract renewal rate of 88%, largely through the Group’s commitment to providing the highest possible level of customer service. Integrity is always at the heart of this commitment, as by aiming to put its customers’ needs first PTSG can be sure that each of its many and varied clients is satisfied.

Integrity is of particular importance when undertaking work for publicly-owned companies, who have a responsibility to carefully manage their spending. Taking this into account, PTSG aims to strike the optimum balance between carrying out work to a high standard, and helping customers keep to their budget, without cutting corners in any way.

The Group’s work for Scottish Water is an example of a project in which integrity was of the utmost importance. Many of the sites attended by the PTSG’s engineers had not been properly maintained before their arrival, meaning the scale of the work required was much larger than the client had initially anticipated.

In order to find the most cost-effective approach to making these sites safe and compliant, PTSG’s engineers organised each repair task according to three categories: immediate works, six-month works and recommended works. This allowed Scottish Water to distribute its budget accordingly over the contract’s length, and indicated PTSG’s understanding of how business needs can be met without compromising safety and the quality of the work.

It is PTSG’s commitment to customer service which, when combined with its ability to provide bundled services, explains why 88% of contracts are renewed – the highest rate in the Group’s history.