High-level cleaning – more than just a sparkling surface

All buildings over a certain size require the services of access specialists who have the expertise to reach all areas in order to undertake a range of cleaning services.

As hard-to-reach areas of buildings are not usually seen by some customers or staff, they are often neglected. This can compromise the building’s integrity, which can lead to further problems of water ingress, infestation and contamination. PTSG employs innovative solutions to access problems to ensure that every building not only looks its best from top to bottom, inside and out, but is also properly maintained and protected.

Cleaning and protecting Historic Scotland’s beloved buildings

Historic Scotland contracted PTSG to perform high-level cleaning at a number of its ancient and often iconic buildings. During the inspections at the start of the contract, PTSG identified vegetation growing at height at a number of buildings that required urgent attention. Not only does this spoil the aesthetic of a building, it can also lead to damp problems which, over time, can cause damage. Its team also set about removing lamination from any stonework, restoring it to its original condition.

PTSG worked on sites including: Edinburgh Castle, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Beauly Priory, Balvenie Castle, Dundrennan Abbey and Urquhart Castle.

The variety of site locations in the Historic Scotland portfolio brings many challenges. Edinburgh Castle is built on an extinct volcano, Urquhart Castle sits on the shore of Loch Ness, Kinnaird Head was Scotland’s first operational lighthouse and others sit atop rocky crags and steep cliffs.

Rope access is one of the safest methods of carrying out works at height, and PTSG’s engineers work to industry standards using high-strength industrial ropes to access tall structures and carry out all types of maintenance.

PTSG entered into a two-year, rolling contract with Historic Scotland, ensuring their iconic buildings were clean and highly presentable for the paying public, as well as preserving their structural integrity. The Group’s Edinburgh office provides a strategic base in Scotland to service Historic Scotland’s needs, whether this is for planned preventative maintenance or urgent emergency work.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is another area where the services of high-level specialists can be so important to a building’s maintenance. Over a period of time, gutters can easily become blocked by leaves and other debris causing them to stop working, overflow or leak into the building. These blockages will lead to corrosion over time, which could then result in damp patches appearing internally and eventually severe water ingress. Studies indicate that up to 64% of flood damage is due to blocked or damaged guttering.

To avoid flooding and other related issues such as damp and water ingress, PTSG can offer roof and gutter cleaning services for both residential and commercial clientele. Our experienced team takes care to carefully check your gutters and downpipes to ensure that all debris is removed. With a proven track record in delivering excellent results and solving clients’ long-term gutter-related problems, clients have complete peace of mind that PTSG will leave their gutters clean and in the best possible state of repair.