Every month we aim to bring you expert information to offer insights into how to enhance your business performance through following best practice, and this month we’re looking at collaboration.

The value of collaboration was clear to see in our recent project in Sheffield – the City Lofts residential development. The taller of the building’s two towers is exposed to high winds and part of it is inaccessible to the building maintenance unit (BMU). PTSG was contracted to solve the problem of cleaning this challenging building, developing a pro-active approach to overcome the BMU’s current problems, without making it completely redundant. The Group’s high-level cleaning experts suggested the installation of abseil anchors into the parapet wall to reach more challenging areas, without getting in the way of the BMU’s operation when it was required.

These abseil points were successfully installed by the Group’s access and safety division, and will also come in useful with inspecting the building for wear and tear, especially on warrantied items such as mastic joints.

This work is a perfect example of why PTSG’s success continues to increase every year, as when one of its expert teams faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge, PTSG simply calls in another of its specialist divisions, such as access and safety or electrical services.