We put the spotlight on MOUSE (Memorable, Outstanding, Unique, Service, Experience), our unique customer-service-driven initiative, to offer an insight into our approach to customer service.

MOUSE was first launched in 2014 as an initiative to invest and improve in PTSG’s customer service, something which we constantly strive to improve. Since its inception, MOUSE has become the company’s corporate mascot, and the voice of our internal and external communications, and we ask all of our employees to reflect on what they deliver using the MOUSE initiative.

MOUSE has served as the backbone of the company and helps us to highlight areas within the group where delivery and customer service can be improved, which has paid dividends from the outset. In PTSG People, our internal staff newsletter, MOUSE is used to focus on best practice and developments within the group that will help further improve our customer service, either through personal experiences, customer feedback or outstanding performance and delivery.

MOUSE is also a symbol of the business, and can be seen characterised as a cheeky animated toy mouse in various PTSG communications. He attends all of PTSG’s award evenings, has featured in adverts in several trade publications and once visited Russia with technical director John Warren to spread the word of excellent customer service. He is also no stranger to fame, having rubbed shoulders with BBC’s Pointless host, Alexander Armstrong, at the 2016 BIFM Awards.

There is no doubt that the MOUSE initiative has contributed to PTSG’s ongoing success by delivering excellent work with outstanding customer service. Our contract renewal rate stands high at 88 per cent, while customer satisfaction surveys show 90 per cent of customers are very satisfied with 9.5 per cent being satisfied and only 0.5 neither satisfied or dissatisfied. Looking forward, we will continue with this strategy to build on our ongoing success… doing everything by word of MOUSE!