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November saw a 0.3% increase in the UK’s GDP, countering October’s decrease of 0.3%. While the economy remains in a changeable state, the modest upturn is a positive sign for growth in all sectors including FM and construction.

PTSG serves over 20,000 customers in all sectors, ensuring their buildings and users are safe and compliant with current regulations. As the Group continues to grow, this become a greater task, with an increasing range of challenges. However, it’s those challenges that we relish and we always look to add value for our clients by employing innovation in our practices and procedures, delivering solutions that are robust and cost effective.

This month’s Insight details how our Water Treatment division helps our customers to mitigate legionella-related risks. Legionella pneumophilia is the bacterium that causes Legionnaire’s disease, a potentially fatal lung infection caused by inhaling droplets of water from installation such as air conditioning units or hot tubs. Our specialists are here to help our clients to manage that risk and comply with the necessary regulations, delivering safety and vital peace of mind.

In this issue there’s also a brief snapshot of the latest projects our engineers are working on around the Group, with Project taking a slightly more in-depth look at one of our Electrical Services projects.

I wish you all the best and look forward to keeping you informed of further updates from throughout the Group.

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Paul Teasdale
Executive Chairman

Project: PTSG and ALTRAD

At the end of September 2023 Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) was contracted to provide specialist electrical services for Altrad in a world-first green hydrogen project.

Insight: Water Treatment

As Europe’s leading provider of specialist services, with more than 20,000 customers spanning all sectors of industry, Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has extensive experience in helping clients mitigate legionella-related risks.

Extraordinary Buildings

PTSG is privileged to work on some of the UK’s most outstanding and iconic buildings. From historic castles and monuments to cutting-edge skyscrapers, we are proud to play our part in ensuring they are safe and protected, clean and operationally efficient.


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