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The Group News section of ptsg.co.uk is being kept busy with updates of projects across the UK, involving all five of our divisions. This speaks of our increasing scope of services, with Fire Solutions set to become instrumental for many clients as the revised Fire Safety Regulations take effect in January next year.

This month’s Project outlines the glazing replacement services provided by our teams in PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd. As experts in all access techniques, our operatives can reach all areas of buildings to ensure they are safe, secure, clean and well presented.

Compliance with the latest regulations is crucial for duty holders and is what PTSG specialises in. This month’s Insight shows how we can help in all five areas of our business. We help companies meet their legal responsibilities by ensuring their assets are safe and fully operational, through testing, maintenance and certification. This process leads to buildings operating more efficiently, which also makes financial sense.

This issue also takes a brief look at the historic building we are privileged to work on. Through the specialist work of engineers, we can help to safeguard them for future generations to enjoy.

I wish you all the best and look forward to keeping you informed of further updates from the business.

Best wishes

Paul Teasdale

Project: PTSG and Aviva

All businesses depend on presentable and well-maintained premises.

Insight: Compliance

PTSG is a leading provider of services that keep customers’ buildings compliant with the latest regulations.

Extraordinary Buildings

PTSG is privileged to work on some of the UK’s most outstanding and iconic buildings.


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