Happy World FM Day 2020! Welcome to the third in a series of five reports, on a topic that is related to our work, that is associated with the theme of World FM Day 2020.

Clarity makes PTSG’s working practices more efficient and environmentally friendly

Clarity is PTSG’s proprietary software system that provides engineers with everything they need to do their job as safely and efficiently as possible, via mobile devices and cloud-based technology. It is also the office-based administrative system that provides comprehensive group-wide resource planning and customer relationship management functionality and an easily accessible platform for clients and staff to log requests and view real-time information on jobs and accounts.

Ultimately, Clarity was introduced to improve organisational performance. We invested considerable time and technology to testing and perfecting the system, built by our own in-house developers, and the fruits of that investment are now being reaped.

The Clarity system is intuitive – from the time a purchase order is generated (in just two clicks of a mouse) to when the job is completed and invoiced, all processes and ‘paperwork’ are automatic. And because all paperwork is actually electronic, the burden on the environment is virtually non-existent.

Clarity is responsive and can be accessed on any device. As a result, it uses sat-nav technology for tracking jobs and relaying information. This goes way beyond communicating the location of an engineer – it relays the current road conditions, calculating an accurate ETA for both office and client. This enables work to be scheduled more effectively and contingency arrangements to be made if any problems arise with a journey. This feature has saved PTSG’s engineers vast amounts of time on the road, reducing fuel usage and emissions as a result.

In 2014, when the development of Clarity was first considered, PTSG had just experienced its seventh year of successive growth, coupled with an increasing contract renewal rate. Clearly the company’s business model was working well, but it needed to be future-proofed.

Clarity has been built to provide clients with an outstanding level of service, speeding up the time it takes for work to be completed, allowing almost instant delivery of certificates and remedial quotations, and helping PTSG’s team to offer tailored value-added services by predicting exactly what the client needs and when. It is fully scalable so that as PTSG continues to grow, Clarity continues support it now and well into the future.

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