Welcome to our special week-long blog for World FM Day 2020, which takes place on 13th May. This year’s theme is Celebrating the Environment, so we’re pleased to make our first entry on local presence – which we achieve through our 29 UK office locations.

Local presence

PTSG has a policy of spending in the area local to each of its projects in order to contribute to that region’s economy and to help local people. It is well known that money spent locally has a multiplier effect; the local companies with whom we spend put that money back into the local community, thus circulating that money and allowing the community to thrive. As a large company with a local presence in many different areas around the UK, we know we have a duty to do this – and it makes for a better environment in which to work and live.

Companies with a strong local presence, such as PTSG, have a positive effect on the environment, too. Being situated close to the project site reduces the amount of driving and the pollution created as a result.

We also strive to recycle as much of the material on site as possible. For example, if we are required to remove existing products or equipment, our first concern is whether they can be reconditioned or repurposed and used again elsewhere. Where this isn’t possible, we ensure all materials are recycled where possible.

PTSG is committed to achieving high standards of environmental performance in all aspects of its business activities, including complying with all relevant legislation and ISO standards. As part of this commitment we have focused on reducing key impacts in many significant areas such as waste management, energy reduction and carbon emissions.

We will continue to:

  • Measure and, where possible, reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Minimise the consumption of energy.
  • Measure and reduce our carbon footprint as part of the carbon reduction commitment.
  • Seek to reduce our waste and to recycle as much as possible.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and ISO certification.
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