In 2014, we launched MOUSE (Memorable, Outstanding, Unique, Service Experience), a unique customer service-driven initiative. Each month, MOUSE speaks to someone in our team about their life inside and outside of work.

This month we catch up with Mark Perfect, Managing Director at Pendrich Height Services Ltd (now part of PTSG Access & Safety).


At work

We are one of the leading high-level maintenance companies in the UK and work all over Europe. Our clients range from major organisations such as power stations, refineries, steel works, councils, local authorities, schools and hospitals and a lot of our work is focused on industrial chimney stacks and cooling towers. We work for a host of major companies from British Steel to Texaco, and at all power stations throughout the UK. We work on any high-level buildings with difficult access. It is with pride that with over 30 years in the industry we have never come up against a problem that we haven’t been able to resolve when working at height.

The most important part of the job is conducting all work safely. We are in a dangerous environment and our safety systems need to be 110 per cent at all times. Our operatives need to be level-headed and fully trained and qualified to carry out all aspects of the work carried out, including multi-task projects which can consist of rebuilding brick chimney stacks, overplating steel chimney stacks, and dismantling and demolishing all high-level structures. All individuals involved with each project are multi-skilled individuals with vast experience of all types of working at height.

The most satisfying part of the job is taking individual tasks and projects from fruition and seeing them through to completion, from generating an initial inquiry and taking it through to completing the work for the client satisfactorily and within time scale.

Becoming a steeplejack or open access engineer is best tackled in the years immediately after leaving school. I started working as a steeplejack when I was 15 and, in all honesty, never knew anything other than climbing high structures and carrying out repairs.

Pendrich was a local company and I needed a job. I went and knocked on the door of the office and met up with the owner at the time and had a 30-minute chat. By the time I had walked back to my house they called me to inform me that I was to start the next day. I subsequently went on to buy the company.

PTSG’s template systems showed great examples of how to run a business and ultimately, when PTSG acquired the business, allowed me to remain connected to Pendrich and maximise the profits of a small to medium sized business within industry standards. We were highly established in the steeplejack industry but now have the strength and integrity to tackle any type of job within the high-level maintenance business.

At home

From the age of five I competed as a Judo international, competing for Scotland and Britain at various levels. My achievements have been multiple Scottish champion and British trials winner, along with British finals as well as winning Irish Open, Welsh Open and finishing fifth in the Junior European Championships. At the age of 40 I’m now retired but still train on a regular basis at Edinburgh Judo Club which is run by Billy Cusack who is the current British national coach and a good friend of mine.