Customer Kier Places has praised Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG), through its constituent company Total Environmental Compliance (TEC). The Group was commended for the high level of service delivered by its Water Treatment specialists over the last year.

Kier Places provides housing maintenance and facilities management services in places where people live and work. Its operatives install, maintain and repair buildings and assets to ensure they run smoothly and respond to the latest changes in standards and specifications. 

The company describes PTSG as one of its “top performing subcontractors”. They also commented that PTSG has “played a big part in our success at Kier Places over the last year.”

PTSG Water Treatment Ltd (via TEC) is proud to have been working with Kier Places for several years. The company’s specialists delivers outstanding levels of compliance through its water hygiene and water treatment services. 

The Group offers a wide range of services in industrial water hygiene and water treatment. PTSG combines specialist skills and knowledge of its engineers with the very latest cutting-edge tools to deliver high performance, safety and consistency. PTSG is a trusted partner to our clients. The Group ensures water safety, protection from Legionella and decontamination from many other bacteria and viruses. 

PTSG praised as high-level water treatment specialists
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Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG), via constituent company Total Environmental Compliance (TEC), has been praised by customer Kier Places for the high level of service its Water Treatment specialists have delivered over the last year.