PTSG has completed its first full month as part of Macquarie Group plc. There’s never been a more exciting time to strive to meet the requirements of our 20,000 customers even more closely, using our financial strength as we aim to set new standards for the provision of multiple specialist services.

The August issue of PFM (Premises and Facilities Management) featured PTSG on the cover and in the magazine’s main article. The focus is electrical compliance, specifically TraQit – the internet reporting system pioneered by Guardian, which became part of the Group in October last year.

PTSG continues to forge ahead with its aim of transforming the mental health services available to its 1,200 members of staff. Four of our directors have recently completed the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course, enabling them to deliver specialised mental health first-aider courses throughout the Group.

PTSG, in creating mentally literate workplaces, intends to take the first step to a compassionate culture in which people can thrive, rather than being held back by mental health issues.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Inside PTSG and, as ever, if you would like to see anything included in future editions, please let us know.

Best wishes

Paul Teasdale
Premier Technical Group Services Ltd