Of PTSG’s four dedicated business divisions, PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd is the newest and fastest-growing.

PTSG provides a full range of fire prevention and suppression systems and tailored security systems for a whole range of public and private buildings.

Fire safety is one area of a building’s operation that cannot be compromised. In recent years, high-profile incidents have put fire safety at the front of people’s minds and high in the priorities of building owners and managers. The Grenfell tragedy in 2017 saw a call for a more rigorous approach to compliance and UK safety regulations.

PTSG reorganised its entire business as a result. Since PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd was established it has seen unprecedented growth and its services remain in high demand. We are called upon to provide sprinkler systems in both commercial and domestic buildings, providing vital peace of mind for building managers and users alike. To date, no one has ever died in a fire with a sprinkler system in the household. We aim to keep it that way, adopting the latest technology to ensure our systems become ever more sophisticated and effective.

Fire safety must be the foundation upon which all buildings are constructed, with rigorous regular testing and maintenance. In December 2020 PTSG acquired Pure Power Ltd – a specialist contractor to the Fire suppression industry. Fire suppression systems extinguish fire by the immediate release of a suppression agent. Each of these systems have a pump room to deliver the suppressant. Pure Power Ltd services and maintains the pump rooms, ensuring both power supplies and pumping equipment function as they should when required.

Pure Power Ltd is launching its new website (at www.purepoweruk.com when the site goes live). Not only does this reflect the company’s strength of service, it also shows how the company can draw upon the immense resources and expertise within PTSG to offer its customers a leading fire suppression maintenance solution.

PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd has taken shape through a number of carefully considered strategic business acquisitions, culminating in a fully comprehensive offering. Pure Power Ltd is positioned within PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd alongside:

  • The market-leading residential sprinkler installation, testing and maintenance business
  • The UK’s leading dry riser installation, testing and maintenance business
  • A market-leading provider of fire and security solutions, with ten UK offices
  • A leading mechanical fire solutions business based in Kent.