Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Inside PTSG.

It is pleasing to see many parts of the economy working well and equally pleasing that PTSG is able to continue playing its part in keeping buildings safe and protected, clean and operationally efficient for our customers in all industry sectors.

Our Fire Solutions division continues to grow as the services we provide are in great demand. This month, I am delighted to announce that PTSG acquired Neo Property Solutions Limited – a highly accredited company offering passive fire services. The business delivers the survey, design, installation, testing and certification of:

  • Fire-rated composite and timber doors
  • Fire door maintenance
  • Fire-rated glazing solutions
  • Fire compliance surveys
  • Fire stopping
  • Fire compartmentation
  • Fire curtains and cavity barriers

There can be no higher priority for building owners and managers than making all parts of their building fire-safe, and this latest acquisition extends our service offering and is highly complementary to our other specialist services.

PTSG Clarity – our unique software system – was introduced to enable us to make our service even better. We continually receive positive feedback about this aspect of our service, which is extremely encouraging. In this month’s Insight, you can read more about how Clarity works.

Project focuses on our work in the Education sector, in particular within the area of Access & Safety. This is a very busy and important portfolio for PTSG. Engineers from all divisions deliver specialist services at schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

I wish you all the best and look forward to keeping you informed of further updates from the business.

Best wishes

Paul Teasdale

Project: Education sector (Access & Safety)

PTSG has a large and ever-growing portfolio in the education sector. All of its five divisions deliver specialist services to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Insight: Clarity

Clarity is a software system that is unique to PTSG. It was developed to streamline the administrative function which, to a company of the size of PTSG (with over 1,500 employees serving 20,000 customers), is huge.

Extraordinary Buildings

PTSG is privileged to work on some of the UK’s most outstanding and iconic buildings. From historic castles and monuments to cutting-edge skyscrapers, we are proud to play our part in ensuring they are safe and protected, clean and operationally efficient.


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