Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is working with the London Metropolitan Police force to provide a number of crucial services from its Fire Solutions division.

Headquartered in Castleford, West Yorkshire, PTSG has 31 office locations; for this new contract, engineers from its Maidstone office will be renewing existing alarm valves and pipework for one of the MET Police’s many sites.

The Metropolitan Police Service, known informally as “The MET”, gave rise to the nickname of “bobbies” for its officers, as it was founded by Sir Robert Peel in 1829. It enforces the law in the 32 London boroughs, as well as having other, unique responsibilities including co-ordinating and leading UK anti-terrorism matters and protecting the Royal Family.

PTSG is becoming a trusted and popular name in providing of all kinds of fire solutions, both within the capital and throughout the UK. PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd. complements its three other business divisions; as a Group, PTSG often delivers the complete special services package for customers in many different sectors.

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