Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is actively delivering vital structural engineering services for a chimney stack project.

It was during a periodic inspection that engineers from PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd detected cracks and displaced masonry in a circular brick flue liner (pictured) within a concrete chimney stack. 

PTSG’s structural engineers immediately mobilized to devise a repair solution. Reinforcements were installed to the brick liner, encapsulating the brickwork with spray concrete to effect a repair and prevent collapse.

PTSG’s engineers are now working around the clock to stabilise the chimney stack, as well as carrying out multiple structural stabilisation works to various other components. PTSG is progressing with the contract according to schedule and within budget, The Group anticipate completing it by mid-September 2023.”

PTSG’s steeplejacks and structural engineers work throughout the UK performing vital repairs to all kinds of buildings. These range from historic churches to modern towers so as to ensure they remain structurally sound. In 2019, PTSG became the first company to deliver structural repairs to the Grade I listed Blackpool Tower. This they did by replacing degraded steel with like-for-like material. 

PTSG structural engineering
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Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is involved in a project to deliver vital structural engineering services to a chimney stack.