Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has recently completed a project to install access and safety equipment for Historic Scotland at Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral’s history dates back to AD550, as it is built on the site where Glasgow’s patron saint, St. Mungo, founded a religious community. The oldest parts of the building that remains today date from the early 1200s, and the cathedral is one of the only medieval religious buildings to have survived the 1560 Reformation intact.

The Group’s fall arrest installations team installed a sturdy PVC walkway along the copper gutters that run down the cathedral’s roof, creating a safe path along the length of the building. PTSG’s engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the work was carried out quickly and safely, leaving Historic with a high-quality product that will make maintenance of the cathedral safe and straightforward.

PTSG already has a great relationship with Historic Scotland, providing lightning protection, high-level cleaning and maintenance services for a portfolio of structures across the country, including Edinburgh, Dumbarton and Stirling Castles. It is vital that work is carried out carefully, and that the finished product does not detract from the buildings’ facades – something that PTSG excels at.

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