Hello and welcome to the July edition of Inside PTSG, the source of all the latest news from across our four business divisions.

June marked the anniversary of the Grenfell disaster, highlighting the vital importance of reliable safety systems for all buildings of this kind. This was made even clearer when another fire broke out in a Lewisham tower block exactly one year after the disaster. Although around 150 people were evacuated from the building upon being alerted, the fire was effectively suppressed by a PTSG-installed sprinkler system, allowing the London fire brigade to bring the fire under control.

Also in June, a domestic property in East Dumbartonshire was engulfed in flames following a lightning strike to the house’s roof. Fortunately, no one was harmed, but the house has suffered considerable damage. This highlights another vital area of PTSG’s service – lightning protection. We are the UK’s leading provider of LP installation, testing and inspection, with offices throughout the country. We are proud that the work we do save lives and prevents buildings from suffering this kind of damage.

Several members of PTSG’s team have been attending industry shows and supplier events this month, notably the Facilities Show. It is always good to take advantage of opportunities like these to catch up with suppliers and other leaders in the FM industry, and highlights the benefits to be had from meeting clients face to face, rather than just over the phone. We are sponsoring TWinFM’s annual boat party this month and I look forward to catching up with many of you there too.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Inside PTSG and if you would like to see anything included in future editions please get in touch.

Best wishes

Paul Teasdale,
Premier Technical Group Services PLC