PTSG’s maintenance teams offer value to clients by taking time to fix things before they break, preventing more in-depth costly repairs in the future and keeping the facilities functioning properly.

Regular testing and inspection of safety systems, electrical equipment, lightning protection systems and fire protection equipment is vital for ensuring the safety of building users and protecting clients’ assets.

Each of PTSG’s divisions has an experienced and knowledgeable maintenance team, visiting thousands of sites across the UK every day to keep clients’ sites operating safely and efficiently.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) has several benefits:


PPM makes sure that equipment is functioning properly, avoiding hazards, unsafe working conditions and any accidents or injuries that may result from faulty equipment.


Maintenance helps clients to decrease downtime and plan around scheduled maintenance and allows them to choose optimal times to ensure that works cause no interruptions to their day-to-day operations.

Time savings

Reactive maintenance is only carried out once equipment has started to face problems. Emergency repairs and replacements often result in much longer periods of downtime than required for PPM.

Cost savings

Waiting for a problem to happen can be a costly move. Unplanned downtime results in idle employees, missed deadlines and sometimes even damage to a company’s reputation. Long-term maintenance programmes focus on preventing equipment failure, which is much more cost-efficient than carrying out large repairs.