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Insight – Issue fortysix

Insight – Rope Access

PTSG is trusted by its 20,000 customers to meet their varied specialist services requirements. Much of the time, our engineers carry out their highly specialised work at height, always employing the appropriate access method. This may be:

Each technique requires a particular set of skills and knowledge and each of our engineers is suitably trained to work according to the guiding principles of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Rope access is a technique commonly used by our engineers. While it requires a high level of training and strict adherence to safety procedures, it offers great advantages to clients, enabling work to be performed in all corners of even the most challenging buildings.

Industrial rope access

Rope Access is arguably the safest method known to the industry of reaching high and awkward places. PTSG’s engineering teams design and install unique systems to suit customers’ specific requirements and by using tried, tested and approved techniques they access buildings safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Each team is also fully independent to accommodate any potential rescue scenario encountered.

Working from fail-safe anchors and using high strength industrial ropes, we can access and work on large areas smoothly and effectively by moving vertically and laterally with ease. Rope access technicians are also trained to work along beams and other supports.

Using a system of slings and attachments we can carry out a wide range of installation, maintenance and construction tasks which could otherwise have required the use of towers or mobile platforms.

Applications of rope access

Our rope access engineers often work in tandem with engineers from other divisions to ensure the most effective solution for our clients. For example, our electrical services engineers are currently installing lightning protection systems at a number of London addresses for Real Estate Management UK Ltd. In the course of their work, they are directing abseil technicians from Building Access Specialists Ltd in the installation of lightning conducting tape.

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