PTSG is the UK’s leading provider of lightning protection services and electrical compliance services. The services and equipment we provide saves lives, time and money. It really is that simple.

Electrical compliance is a legal necessity in the workplace. In the healthcare sector, carrying out a programme of testing can be a significant logistical challenge. It is PTSG’s approach to establish a unique, collaborative culture for the delivery of routine fixed wire testing throughout each site.

The single most important factor is the mitigation of any disruption which could have a potential impact upon patient care. PTSG works to create a unique culture where each organisation recognises and appreciates the likelihood of changes or cancellations at short notice. This requires adaptable, flexible and innovative ways of working.

PTSG embraced a rolling, fluid programme of works to ensure the core objectives are achieved and not compromised by a focus on deadlines. Prior to any work taking place on site, PTSG holds pre-start meetings with the client to address patient care priority, as well as:

  • Work phase planning
  • Access requirements and windows of opportunity
  • Staffing levels appropriate to the work packages and access restrictions
  • Appropriate testing procedures in the controlled environment
  • Certification and compliance with testing standards

Access to all parts of healthcare settings needs to be planned meticulously to allow PTSG to complete the shutdown, testing and reboot of circuits without absolute zero impact upon the 24/7 critical operation of the facility. PTSG routinely identifies innovative ways of testing the infrastructure, which is conventionally completed using a range of live and dead load testing. In areas of the facility which administer critical care, dead load testing may not be an option without substantial and unthinkable consequences and the PTSG works with the client (and stakeholder group) to identify, plan and undertake compliant live load testing of infrastructure.

PTSG can also offer clients a complete managed compliance service, supported by TraQit– the industry’s only real ‘interactive’ electrical compliance portal. Available as a free download, TraQit not only takes away the pain of document management for duty holders but also ensures continuity in the approach to record keeping.