Some sparkling achievements on the way to our diamond edition

Five years is a long time in business. For many companies, the last few months alone have felt like an eternity, with the restrictions of COVID-19 having a serious impact on their bottom line.

For PTSG, aside from a few weeks back in late March and April this year, when only key workers were permitted to leave their homes to work, it has largely been “business as usual”. Credit must go to our talented and conscientious workforce for diligently keeping in close touch with our clients and supply chain, ensuring we have been able to continue operating effectively within the heightened safety measures.

For this special diamond issue of Inside PTSG, we’d like to look back at a few of the main events over the last five years, beginning in November 2015.

Strategic business acquisitions

2015 saw PTSG acquire no fewer than five businesses across Access & Safety, Electrical Services and Building Access Specialists. This enabled us to build significantly on our vision to become the UK’s leading provider of multiple specialist services from under one roof. We have made 27 strategic acquisitions in total over our 13-year history, but we integrated more companies during 2015 than in any other year.

PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd

2017 saw PTSG reorganise as a business and form a discrete new business division: PTSG Fire Solutions. The devastating Grenfell tragedy marked the beginning of a more robust approach to fire safety. It triggered a huge demand for the renewal of cladding on building façades and the installation of fire suppression systems within.

The strategic acquisitions of UK Dry Risers Ltd and UK Dry Risers Maintenance Ltd got our new business division off to a very strong start, enabling us to deliver crucial fire safety services for a wide range of clients. This was swiftly followed by the acquisition of UK Sprinklers Ltd, also based in the north-west but operating throughout the UK.

M&P Fire Protection Ltd followed in 2018; this Maidstone-based company offers a full range of fire prevention and suppression services, allowing us to diversify our offering. The integration of Trinity Fire & Security Ltd into the Group in January 2019 represents the biggest acquisition in our history. It increased our coverage of the UK, with 29 regional offices and means we now service 20,000 customers via +1,300 dedicated professionals.

Landmark deal unlocks unlimited potential

In 2019, CEO Paul Teasdale and other members of the leadership team brokered the biggest deal in the PTSG’s history, recommending a cash offer of £323m from the Macquarie  Group Ltd’s Principal Finance business for the acquisition of PTSG.

The deal has unlocked almost limitless potential and in keeping with our unique business model, which has so far yielded great success, it has given us the opportunity to take PTSG to the next level. Paul Teasdale is now looking to take PTSG from this deal value of £323m to £1bn market capitalisation by 2024.

As for Macquarie, the company has had a presence in the UK for 30 years, opening its London headquarters in 1989. Today, it is one of the largest investors in the UK, having invested and arranged more than £40bn in infrastructure projects since 2005.