PTSG is privileged to work on some of the UK’s most outstanding and iconic buildings. From historic castles and monuments to cutting-edge skyscrapers, we are proud to play our part in ensuring they are safe and protected, clean and operationally efficient.

Stonebridge Beck in Leeds comprises the design and construction of 82 new contemporary-designed houses and the conversion of the existing mill building and cottages into 30 houses. External works include hard and soft landscaping, incoming utility services, associated on-plot drainage, estate infrastructure, drainage, ancillary works, and all on and off-site highways. 

The project includes the regeneration of the Grade II listed and long derelict former mill buildings and cottages.

This high-profile site and former industrial buildings are located close to the Farnley Ring Road and are well known for their historic chimney and water tower which is being retained as a sentinel for the redevelopment.  

Steeplejacks from PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd have transformed the old water tower (pictured) into a main site feature for the development project.

PTSG’s specialists provided a bespoke designed cantilever scaffold to the top three meters of the tower to encapsulate the cast iron header tank, which was in a state of severe disrepair.

The tank was cleaned internally and externally and the cast iron section was repaired and painted to enhance its appearance. A new roof was then designed and installed to the tower termination.

External stonework apertures were also built up using matching stones to upgrade the elevations to ensure a uniform appearance. The tower now stands as a refurbished landmark of the mill and gives a traditional feel to the refurbished estate.

PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd is providing ongoing refurbishment of the 40-metre brick mill chimney, which will stand alongside the tower within the new estate.

PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd is a market leader in the high-level maintenance industry, servicing clients worldwide. Its steeplejacks carry out work to a wide range of structures such as chimney stacks, cooling towers, flare stacks and other high and unconventional structures.

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