Customer Feedback Form Acescott Specialist Services

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During your most recent assignment, how did you contact us?
 In person By telephone Via internet Through a recommendation Other*

I found suitable information to help me with my enquiry
 Strongly disagree Disagree No opinion Agree Strongly Agree

How quickly did you get through to the right person?
 Immediately Within 5 minutes 5-10 minutes 10-20 minutes More than 20 minutes

Do you think we...(Select all that apply)
 Quickly identified the problem Handled your enquiry professionally Help you to understand the cause and how to solve the problem Were knowledgeable and competent about the subject

How quickly was the problem resolved?
 Immediately Within a day Between 1 and 3 days Between 3 and 7 days More than a week The problem still exists

How would you rate our operatives?
 Very poor Poor Did what you expected and nothing more Good Very Good Excellent

How would you rate the quality of our work?
 Very poor Poor Did what you expected and nothing more Good Very Good Excellent

Overall, how satisfied are you with the customer service experience that you received from PTSG?
 Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied

Do you have any feedback on what we could do differently to serve you better in the future?

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