Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is to carry out the annual maintenance of suspended access installations at The Light in Leeds.

The Light is situated on the Headrow in Leeds and is one of the city’s leading leisure and retail centres. It was created by building a glass roof over Upper Fountaine Street and Cross Fountaine Street to create an arcade between two listed buildings, Permanent House and the Headrow Buildings.

The Group’s Cradles engineers carry out a large number of medium- and long-term contracts to install, maintain, test and certify access and safety systems such as the one in place at the Light. They can also be mobilised at very short notice for emergencies.

PTSG Access and Safety is the largest provider of cradle maintenance services for permanently installed suspended access equipment in the UK. They work primarily on equipment such as building maintenance units, cradle systems, monorails, gantries and travelling ladders ensuring that they are safe to use.

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